Ammunition Storage: Best Practices

There are a lot of different opinions between firearm owners of what the best ammunition storage method is. There is also various opinions about if storage is even important. With this being said most firearm owners will agree with the simple fact that moisture is the highest threat to all types of ammunition. Failure to provide storage that will protect against moisture is of no value at all.

Why would any type of storage but completely useless? First the financial investment the owner has in the ammunition is wasted if the ammo cannot be used. Second compromised ammunition carries even a higher risk to the owner when it is used in the gun as indicated below:

  1. Ammunition with deposits of rust on the outer shell stands the risk of the rust going below the outside of the casing indicating a possibility of moisture inside the shell making the gun powder ineffective. Ineffective gunpowder will not fire a round. If you are only target practicing this may only be a frustrating problem. But if you are a hunter with the trophy of a lifetime in front of you and this happens, well it is truly a different story. Instead of telling and showing your great trophy story you are left with only a miserable ammo failure story. Worse yet what if that ammo was in a police officer’s gun when every second counts when they are up against the bad guy.
  2. Introducing anything foreign such as rust into your prized firearm can cause damage resulting in firing problems and costly repairs.

Understanding that moisture is the most important reason to have proper ammo storage, it only makes sense not to use open containers for ammo storage. The risk is just much too high to leave your ammunition lying around in open boxes or even open buckets. It does not necessarily mean you have to store your ammunition in vacuum sealed bags.

The best ammo storage method could be as simplistic as placing your ammo in a waterproof container and storing in a dry and cool place. It really can be that simple. Plastic ammunition boxes can be easily used for ammo storage. Boxes or containers that close and will protect the ammo from the elements are the best to use. The boxes which can be stacked and have handles for ease of carrying are the best for transporting and storage.

Shelf life is the length of time a product can be held in storage without compromising the functional properties of the product. With proper storing of your ammunition you should be able to maintain a limitless shelf life.

A variety of storage options that will keep moisture out of contact with you ammunition stock can be obtained at your local gun shops, discount stores, and even on line. Spending money on storage equipment to protect your ammunition investment is just the smart thing to do.

If you collect military memorabilia you can obtain vintage containers for your storage needs. You might want to do a little comparative shopping before making your final selections.

Collectors and hunters alike have a need for the very best storage systems for their ammunition supplies. Storing ammunition really is all about shelf life.

To store your ammo in a manner that will not prolong the shelf life is not a very good idea. There are some storage options that really should not be options at all, at least not if you place value on your ammo.

Storage containers made of materials that are paper based are not suitable to provide the protection needed from the elements and moisture. If a paper based container happens to get exposed to water in any form the results could be devastating in short order. Moisture can lead to rusting and complete loss of the ammunition being stored.

Laying aside all the differences of opinions when it comes to properly storing ammunition, one has to agree that protecting it from moisture is of utmost importance. Protecting from moisture is such an important goal regarding ammo storage that it really becomes the focus point for any storage system considered.

Select a storage system, storage container, and storage location for your ammunition supply that all answer the concern of moisture prevention and protection. The good thing as that many of these storage solutions are very inexpensive and stack for maximum storage space.

Be selective and choose the style of container that fits best with the space you have available. The best ammo storage does not have to be expensive to protect your ammunition from moisture.