Custom Ammunition & Ammo: Reloading Facts

There are some valuable custom ammo reloading facts you should know before you start reloading. These facts will help those who have been undecided about reloading.

For those who have considered taking up reloading their own ammunition because of the increasingly high price of factor manufactured ammunition, you should know that you are joined by many others who have the same feelings.

Many of these individuals have already started reaping the cost savings afforded to them by custom ammunition reloading. Those who haven’t already started reloading their own ammo often are concerned about the cost of the required equipment. The fact is the required equipment for reloading ammo is relatively low cost and can be recouped in a short period of time.

Reloaders are available in a variety of cost ranges and various styles to produce ammunition for various types of guns and uses. There are economical options for both equipment and supplies. The cost factor alone is sufficient to make reloading worthwhile for any marksman.

Reloading also has an ecology benefit by reusing spent cases and cartridges. Instead of sending these used cartridges to a wasteland you can reuse them for a fraction of the cost of new ammo.

A lot of sportsmen start reloading simply because of the economical benefits they can obtain. A dollar saved on ammunition is a dollar back into their pockets. After they begin reloading they usually quickly find another benefit to reloading their own ammunition. They discover they can obtain improved target accuracy with their own reloaded ammunition.

Those who have been considering reloading often have some questions they need the answers to before they begin to reload. Some of the questions are about safety, difficulty, savings, equipment needs, and needed skills.

When considering the safety question, it is important to realize that reloading today is much different than reloading long ago with black powder. The powders of today are smokeless and they are not explosives. The powders used today are actually classified as a propellant. A propellant will only burn if ignited when properly used.

Reloading is not a difficult process. Reloading is a rather simplistic step by step process. Ammo has four basic components including the following:

  • Brass case
  • Bullet
  • Powder
  • Primer

When the cartridge is shot, the primer ignites the powder which propels the bullet out of the barrel. The only thing remaining after the shot is fired is the spent case and primer. The casing can be reloaded multiple times.

Reloading ammo will save you money on your ammunition. It is common to save as much as 60% when reloading your own ammunition rather than purchasing factory ammo. You can get more shots for the dollar when you reload your own ammo.

The quality of reloaded custom ammo is even higher than it is for factory produced ammo. You can adjust the recipe for reloading to obtain ultimate accuracy with your shots. Being able to fine tune your load recipes will quickly become the greatest benefit to reloading. It is not uncommon to find someone who reloads for the quality benefit rather than for the cost savings they receive by reloading.

Reloading equipment does not have to be expensive to be effective. You can get some models of reloaders for less than a couple of hundred dollars. You can shop online or at various sporting goods stores which carry guns and ammunition for some competitive pricing for the type of reloading equipment you will need. You can also comparatively shop for the supplies such as wading, powder, and shot. You will find that buying in bulk affords the greatest cost savings.

Some cartridges such as for 22’s that have a rim fire are not able to be reloaded. Reloads can be performed on brass casings for 5 to 20 times. The exact number of reloads will be dependent upon the caliber and powder charge.

By spending just a little bit of time on researching the particular types of gun and ammo you use can provide you with the reloading details you need to reap the many benefits afforded to reloading.

In addition to all the benefits previously noted for reloading, you will find a new and fun hobby. Creating a recipe that affords the greatest accuracy provides a feeling of self accomplishment.

When you get started with your first reloading sit you will find that in no time at all you have several boxes of ammo available for your next shooting exhibition or your next great hunt. You will probably find you will enjoy reloading extra ammunition during each sit.

Reloading quickly becomes just another enjoyable task that is connected to your passion and joy of shooting and hunting. Custom Ammo reloading has a lot to offer in addition to the great cost savings as compared to factory purchased ammo.